Who is it for?


Through an innovative photo booth, Orbital Shot can entertain guests at a corporate party, a fair or an exclusive event.

Unique moving images made with the bullet time effect


Perfect to surprise the public with the unique presentation of a product, be it a fashion accessory or the latest technological innovation and stand out with innovative marketing campaigns on social networks or with spectacular commercials.

The most fluid Bullet time in Italy!


All the greatest brands rely on influencer marketing on social networks to advertise their products, but amazement in this field has become an almost impossible task. With Orbital Shot we have found a new way to surprise followers who will be able to admire, share and make viral exclusive never-seen-before images.

Fluid bullet time effect with 25 cameras


Orbital Shot is ideal for capturing the moment of a sporting performance, such as a swing on the golf course, a dribble of a playmaker or the spectacular service of a tennis player.

The most fluid Bullet time in Italy!