orbital shot photo booth for corporate events with bullet time effect

Orbital Shot moving images dynamic images production

in real time

A new image revolution

Orbital Shot is an innovative multi-camera system that manages to stop time creating amazing dynamic images that capture single moments from a new and unique perspective, offering the opportunity to relive a particular moment from multiple points of view. An unrepeatable experience captured in a hypnotic Orbital Shot.

Our instrument, unique in the world, counts 25 cameras that return an image in motion shot at a 90┬░ angle. The prototype has been designed to be quickly installed in the most diverse environments and easily transported all over the world!

Fluid bullet time effect with 25 cameras
"There is only one way to see things,
until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes"

Quote by Pablo Picasso

Why Orbital Shot

It is a unique and original novelty

- The prototype is a structure without equal in the world
- The structure itself stimulates curiosity and attracts new participants
- A fun way to occupy time and entertain guests at an event
- Dynamic images are a great way to improve online visibility
- With Orbital Shot, social media engagement will increase exponentially

Unique moving images made with the bullet time effect